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Agencies Need Both “Generalists” & “Specialists”

Agencies need both generalists and specialists. These two expression is my favorite in order to have a better understanding of the people and talents in the agency.

Generalists are the people who need to know a little about a lot of things! They need to be fluent in marketing, advertising world, new trends, technologies and creative process. These are the client-facing people and generally are senior and higher representatives of the agency. A generalist will be an effective advisor for the clients and capable of creating, evaluating and recommending creative & strategic approach in the complex digital landscape.

Speialists are the people who know a lot about a little! Their talent and execution is the power of the work being done in the agency. Especially in digital agencies there roles are very important to build an innovative approach, technology mastering and visual quality.

People at Voden

Here is Voden people and I love them all!

People & culture are the only power of a creative agency. And creativity comes in many different forms and shapes in digital era. So it is vital for each and every Voden people to come up with innovative and creative solutions for our brands whether it is strategy, design, development, copywriting, account management and  other.

The passion, talent and enthusiasm of our people are the main success drivers of our brands.