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Data And Technology Is Useless Without Creativity And Storytellers

Technology and new media landscape shapes the advertising industry. Digital era transforms the way of doing advertising. However, in United States the biggest ad spendings is still TV with 66 billion USD in 2013, followed by online advertising spendings around 42 billion USD!

Obviously it is not just about online advertising. The agencies, clients, technology companies are becoming more data savvy day by day. These data can be derived from web habits, social media activites, credit card histories of each online individual. And the both marketers and agencies try to find out the way of doing more personalized advertising practices through these data.

So far, it is still difficult to build a crystal clear advertising solutions based on online data. But both agencies and brands started to invest on that. Some global brands like Coke, Nike, Burberry established marketing software departments. Ad agencies acquire technology companies focuses on this. And huge technology giants build services specifically addressing this issue for brands.

However, in order to create a change & impact in indivuals’s lifes and perceptions with an effective advertising, it is not enough just to command the data and technology. Brands need creative minds and storytellers to merge insights with new technologies & data.