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People Wouldn’t Care If 73% Of Brands Disappeared Tomorrow

People seek from brands much more than just they produce or sell. They seek a contribution to their lives, their community and our world. A meaning, a purpose. They expect both personal and collective contributions to their well-being.

Meaningful brands: A new metric of brand strength. It measures the impact of brands in different areas of well-being and effect on our quality of life.  Meaningful brands study conducted by Havas Media states these well-being areas and meaningful brand index worlwide.  It is an analytical study conducted with over 130,000 consumers in 23 countries.

According to the survey, brands need to contribute some meaning or benefit in order to increase brand equity and attachment. Personal areas of well-being are; physical, financial, organizational, intellectual, social, emotional and natural. Whereas collective areas are categorized as economy, workplace, community, environment, ethics and marketplace.

I think this is a good point of view for many brands to realize where they stand in people’s lives. Both marketers and advertisers tend to think people are willing to engage with their brand. The biggest mistake. In real world people don’t even care much about brands. So about their content. They only care things they are interested in. If a brand can touch those areas with strong emotive contents then a meaningful engagement occurs. To me, the well-being areas stated above are good examples of what people are interested in.

Another heavy metric from the study states; the majority of people worldwide wouldn’t care if 73% of brands disappeared tomorrow. Ouch! That is why brands need to create unique purpose and advertisers need to create meaningful & authentic content around that purpose.