Storytelling For Brands – Your Brand Is Not HERO, But The MENTOR

Joseph Campbell’s iconic work Hero’s Journey is a master piece for storytelling. And it always work. Hero’s journey light the path of stories in Holywood and film-making industry. Today, with digitally empowered audiences, brands had to craft compelling stories too. But how?

Hero’s Journey is still the answer for marketers and creatives. Brands create stories. And their communications are like chapters. There is always a moral of story which storyteller wants to share. The moral of story is value of the brand.

The story begins with the HERO. Who is the hero in a brand story? Your brand? No! It is your audience. You only empower them to live their adventure and participate to your story.

What about the brand? The brand is not a hero, but the MENTOR. The mentor guides and inspires the hero to reach his potential and succeed. The mentor does not talk about himself, but tells how great the hero is. The mentor makes the hero believe and take action. Just as a brand does in an engaging creative campaign today.

The mentor also gives a GIFT to hero to help him/her in his journey. In communication that is actually the BRAND GIFT, what the brand will deliver.

To sum up, Hero’s Journey is still a beautiful guide to marketing people who needs good stories. And the foundations of storytelling is the right path to success in digital landscape.

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