New Currency In Communication: TOPICALITY

Topicality” means up-to-dateness. Listening, realizing and adapting your communication accordingly. This requires a dynamic process and more flexible way of doing business, which is absolutely a big challenge for offline agencies where there is often long term plans, slower strategies and proven tactics. However clients, more than that brands, need agility and adaptiveness in new super fast media landscape.

So the offline models had to acquire digital skill sets to have “topicality”. But it is not enough. They need to shift the way they produce creative. I mean the creative process also needs to evolve to meet the new needs. It should be faster, flexible, out of box and always on.

People engage with people, not brands. They engage around particular mostly current  topics. The internet has its own agenda. What brands should do is being a part of the conversation. That is why brands need to be “topical”. This is the only way to create an organic interaction with users.

Another important note, topical is currently of interest, the quality of being topical. So it is contemporary. But it is not a long-term reaction or positioning. Brands still need comprehensive, long-term and strategic communication paths. Topicality should be a reflex to be part of the ongoing conversation in line with the long-term positioning.

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