Idea Writers!

Copywriters do not only write copy. They find ideas, craft them and extend accordingly. Besides they have to consider relevant connections for the right idea. So it would be right to call them “Idea Writers” instead.

And it is not just a headline and body copy! Or a slogan, tagline, radio spot script.  It is much more complicated and diversified. There are social contents, conversations, mobile apps, advergame contents, songs, retail experinces, microsite copies, video scripts, banner scripts, a tweet, anything.. It is complex.

I have a more important question on this subject. Do only copywriters write by the way? Of course Not!

 The agency people regardless of their departments or titles, are supposed to craft ideas and write them in our daily routine. A strategist, a copywriter, an account person, a content specialist and also executives: We are all idea writers!  This is what we do and meant to. It might be in hundreds of different forms: idea presentation, scenario, social media content, client presentation, scatch on board, headline in Evernote, mechanism on your notebook, meeting note, or even an e-mail sent to colleagues or clients.

 We keep up writing, inspiring and collaborating. That is why I prefer to call all creatives as idea writers.

 Since creative industry is evolving, creatives should extend their playgrounds. Recently I found a good read, with a focus on new realities of brand creativity business. The Idea Writers by  Teressa Iezzi, editor of Advertising Age’s Creativity made me think on this subject.. Check it out

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