A Productivity Challenge: FOCUS

Focus: The only way of creating good stuff.

But it is a challenge in digital era. Our lives are interrupted. We are always on. Both personally and professionally. We are exhausted to concentrate and involve what we do mentally and emotionally.

We are in a state of not being able to stay unconnected. Social media flow, mobile notifications, alerts, reminders, etc.. We have an aimless and uncontrollable wish to follow things and people. We check our e-mails pointlessly in every minute. We stream our Twitter account as if we are hypnotized. Continuously looking at Instagram, checking any news on Facebook, refresh our reader, and so on. This is a very exhausting loop.


We need to break this everlasting loop to focus on something or achieve a goal in our daily routine. It is time to manage it now. And I know it is a true challenge. You can start with doing these:

-Do little practices on concentration

-Set up some rules for yourself while you need to work in focus

-And no, you won’t die not looking Twitter for an hour..

-Close as many distractions as possible (digital, social, physical)

-Leave your table empty

-Write down notes and reminders for yourself

-Have an agenda for the day

-Be where you are

Give it a try. This productivity move will help you get truely involved. At least I hope so :)

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