10 Tips for Millennials To Rock in Workplace

In my latest blog post I pointed the big picture about millennials in workplace. Now I want to share some friendly advices for the new generation of talents. Here are some tips from me to you guys:

1. Please make sure that you have a deep and objective understanding of your skills.  Do your personal SWOT analysis. 

2. Look for career aspirations. But you can not get promoted within every 2 years. So, also plan your life carefully.

3. Performance and added value is important. So, carry on to keep up the good work. Focus on your concrede contribution.

4. The workplace is about accountability. So, be there to take full responsibility.

5. You may want everything to be super fast. But please consider that the great things take time in life.

6. You can not know everything. Period. But you can have a development plan. So, keep going on improving your skills.

7. Success requires a level of commitment. So don’t underestimate the power of staying and learning. Try to prove yourself sometimes.

8. Voice what you want from your company. But also consider what you are expected to give the company.

9. Continue to believe yourself! But also believe some others and make use of wisdom and experience.

10. They may call you “millennial” or “Gen Y”. Don’t care too much about labels and generalizations. Know yourself, develop your skills and perform at your best.

The future depends on you. The world is what you will make of it.

Good luck!


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